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    Harnham Landcare's day with Dr Christine Jones

    ImageHarnhamSoilsHarnham Landcare Group hosted and subsidised a successful "Five Principles for Soil Health' day at Kentucky Hall on 9th February 2017.

    Nearly 40 people attended the day, to hear Dr Christine Jones outline how photosynthesis, microbes and diversity are all important mechanisms supporting soil health.

    Attendees came from the immediate locality as well as from the Lismore and Wallangra areas. Lively discussion put forward other ideas, helped clarify Christine's messages and made the content of the day relevant to livestock and human health, pasture management and grazing options.

    Thoughts and suggestions were forthcoming for possible follow-up events and sharing with other Landcarers in adjacent regions.

    Landholders Inspired and rewarded at SNELandcare's Guyra 'Muster'

    The 'Soilkee' soil renovation technique was demonstrated to a sizeable gathering during the 'site visit' component of SNELandcare's Community Muster at Guyra  on 22nd February. Participants were keen to see the 'Soilkee' machine and all reported that the presentations and field observations gave them a better understanding of the importance of stimulating soil biology and how the 'Soilkee' renovator could do this. This site visit reinforced or added to the knowledge of most participants, giving them ideas for changing or further modifying what they do, or the machinery they use, on-farm.

    More inspiration was provided in presentations from Michael Taylor and Rebecca Smith. Having received SNELandcare's 2014 John Winter-Irving Bequest Award, Michael described  his experiences and learnings from attending the Australian Forest Growers 2016 Biennial National Conference in Launceston. Michael participated in lectures and field visits by private forest growers and their industry, and presented on his family's forestry enterprises on their property. Michael felt the conference gave him a better perspective on his activities, given the scale of his enterprise relative to others, and provided him with new contacts and inspiration to take his 'next steps' in growing his forestry enterprises.

    Rebecca Smith gave an inspiring description of how she has mentored Armidale High School's Black Gully Bushcare (BC2) Group. The Group is made up of students from Yrs 7-11 who have begun regenerating the weed-infested upper reaches of Black Gully behind the Gymnastics Hall, participate as mentors at the annual Frog Dreaming Youth Conference, continue to develop the school wetland and other plantings at the school, and are looking at developing bee-friendly gardens and environmental peace activities.

    Rebecca has not only had a central role in supporting Armidale High School's students, in environmentally-responsible ways, but has previously supported students at Guyra Central School in similar ways, jointly initiated and continued to actively support the annual Frog Dreaming Youth Conference, assisted the Uralla Rivercare Group with community consultation and their creek walk, run the Discovery Program for NSW National PArks and Wildlife SErvice and supported restorative local womens' activities.

    Rebecca's active roles in community-based environmental leadership, the development of sustainable natural resource management practices among those she influences, delivering community-based Landcare education, participating in events supporting or promoting sustainable ag. and natural resource managment, as well as her commitment to excellence and leadership in 'landcare' and personal development have earned her the 2016 John Winter-Irving Bequest Award. Congratulations Bec on a well deserved award.  Southen New England Landcare trusts it will support and inspire you.

    Soilkee demo at Kenilworth Guyra 22Feb2017


    JWI Award 2016 Rebecca Smith22Feb2017


    Arding Landcare Re-invigorated

    Arding Landcare was once a thriving group but activity levels have waned over the past 5 years as a result of various factors. A wetland day at Little Llangothlin Lagoon in February 2016 gave new landholders, from near Thomas Lagoon at Arding, a chance to meet up with Southern New England Landcare and Northern Tablelands Local Land Services staff. The landholders wanted to discuss getting Arding Landcare Group activities going again and sort out ‘what next for 'Thomas Lagoon’ – an Endangered Ecological Community which has been a focus of many Arding Landcare Group activities in the past.

    When Two Become One

    In mid 2015, Southern New England Landcare almost wound up its operations. This was due to a number of factors: key staff had left the organisation, core funding was cut, project funding reduced, administrative burdens were at an all-time high, group activity was extremely low and volunteer board members were struggling to keep the organisation afloat. This case study showcases how Southern New England Landcare is‘re-birthing’ to become a more relevant organisation for its members, the community and investors.

    Membership Explained

    Have you gjoin our boardot some great ideas about where Southern New England Landcare should be headed, or how it could operate better in our region? Would you like to be more involved in Landcare activities in our region? With a bit of spare time you could be part of some inspiring events and make a significant contribution to the long-term viability of our region's productivity and ecological health by being nominated to our board of directors.

    Nominations to be on the Board of Southern New England Landcare Ltd are now open, and close on Monday 14th November 2016.

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