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    Caterpiller pic 320Have you ever wondered about the amazing slithering, squirming, flying, crawling native critters that live in your garden or favourite bushwalking spot? Have you ever considered that among them there might be a new invasive insect that could devastate Australia’s environment?

    Well we’ve made it fun and easy for you (and your kids or grandkids) to find out and help out.

    It’s time to join over 10,000 Australians on the great Australian Bug Hunt!

    Using powerful AI and a simple app, it’s easy to identify weird and wonderful insects just by snapping a photo with your mobile phone. You can satisfy your curiosity, be entertained, and learn interesting facts about our valuable native species!

    Click here to Get a Bug Hunt Package

    You’ll also be contributing to keeping Australia free from new insect invaders — helping our scientists find and eradicate nasty invasive species that pose a risk to people and the environment. Some, like the rosy predator snail, may look harmless, but would be a disaster if they got into Australia — munching their way through our native species having driven not one, but EIGHT species of snail extinct in the USA!

    Others, like Fire Ants, can spray acid and form super-colonies that threaten people, places, and animals over huge areas of our continent! Recently, you may have heard that fire ants jumped the border from Queensland to northern NSW. If scientists can’t get on top of their spread, it’s predicted they’ll cause 45% of birds, 38% of mammals, 69% of reptiles and 95% of frog populations in South East Queensland alone to plummet.

    There’s a world of insects to discover — and best of all, the Bug Hunt is an all-ages activity that can easily be enjoyed with children or grandchildren. Already there have been over a quarter of a million identifications by Bug Hunters!

    Australia is home to some incredible native insects — and more than our fair share of invasive ones.

    By spending just twenty minutes in your garden on the Bug Hunt, you can learn about our native species — and play an important role helping us identify the spread of destructive, invading insects.

    Insects are small, tricky to find and identify. It’s thanks to the efforts of Bug Hunters like you that scientists can be alerted to changes in native insect populations or catch the spread of new insect invaders.To get you started, we’re also offering a limited-time only Bug Hunt Starter Kit to the first 50 people who complete this form.

     Please clink the link for the Bug Hunt Website here

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