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    Landcare Publications


    >The following publications are available for downloading or are available from our office.

    Southern New England Landcare Annual Reviews 

    2010/2012 Annual Review (2MB)

    2008/2009 Annual Review (2MB)

    2004-2007 Review of Achievements (2.5MB)

    Financial statements

    2013 Financial Statements

    2012 Financial Statements

    2011 Financial Statements

    2010 Financial Statements

    2009 Financial Statements

    President's Reports

    2013 President's Report

    2012 President's Report with Executive Officer Report

    2011 President's Report

    2010 Chairman's Report

    Policy Documents

    We have also developed a number of policy documents to guide our organisation: (These policies are currently under review and not available to download, please contact the office if required)
    Communications Policy 
    Confidentiality & Intellectual Property 
    Consensus Decision Making Policy 
    Decision Procedures Policy 
    Executive Ethics Policy 
    Field Days & Events 
    Grievance Procedures Policy 
    OH&S Policy 
    Performance Reviews Policy 
    Roles & Responsibilities Policy 
    Staff Recruitment Policy 
    Steering Committees Policy 
    Vehicle Use Policy 

    >Native Wildflowers of the New England Tablelands of NSW, Ruth Tremont, this booklet is available from our office.

    Native Trees and Shrubs of the Northern Tablelands - Armidale area

    >This list has been compiled to assist people of the Armidale area who wish to plant locally indigenous trees and shrubs.  It was compiled by examining roadsides and properties within 10km of Armidale.

    >Lower Apsley River Landcare Group:
    >"Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Flows and Stores in a Mixed Grazing Landscape in the New England Region of NSW" (475 kb)

    Dung Beetle Common Species Brochure

    >Dung Beetles and Internal Parasites of Sheep

    >Final Report September 2009 (375kb)

    >A Resource Kit for Rural Landholders on the Northern Tablelands:

    >For a copy of this booklet, please contact Southern New England Landcare on mail@snelcc.org.au.

    >Click here to download a copy of the Contact List only

    >Methods to Manage Mistletoe project:

    >Methods to Manage Mistletoe: A Landholders Guide PDF (575kb) 

    >Engineered woodlands project 2008:

    >Information Sheet 1 Tree Establishment (1MB)

    >Information Sheet 2 Design (4MB)

    >Information Sheet 3 Carbon Trading (1MB)

    >Information Sheet 4 Economics (4MB)

    >Schools resources:

    Frog Dreaming Case Study (download the case study)

    >Schools Plant Identification Booklet (available as hard copy only - please contact mail@snelandcare.org.au).

    >Landcaring for Young People - Some 'how to' suggestions for schools and youth in the New England North-West Slopes regions of NSW . Booklet. (1.4Mb)

    >Land, Water & Wool Northern Tablelands Project (2002-2007):

    >Case Study Farm - Tim & Karen Wright, 'Lana' (4 Mb)

    >Case Study Farm - Jon & Vicky Taylor, 'The Hill' (7 Mb)

    >Case Study Farm - Rob & Annabel Dulhunty, 'Nant Lodge' (1 Mb)

    >Testimonial - Rob & Lucy Adams (9 Mb)

    >Testimonial - Michele & Graeme Blackman (4 Mb)

    >Testimonial - Gordon & Jan Edmonds (7Mb)

    >Testimonial - Tony & Janet Gall (4 Mb)

    >Testimonial - Richard & Mary Maclean (6 Mb)

    >Testimonial - The McKemey Family (5 Mb)

    >Testimonial - James & Caroline Street (5 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 1 - Birds on New England Wool Properties (11 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 2 - Bats on New England Wool Properties (6 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 3 - Arboreal Marsupials on New England Wool Properties (6 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 4 - Pastures on New England Wool Properties (6 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 5 - Water Quality on New England Wool Properties (3 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 6 - Fauna on Case Study Farms (7 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 7 - How Woolgrowers Manage Native Vegetation & Biodiversity on New England Wool Properties (867 Kb)

    >Fact Sheet 8 - Economics and the Environment: not mutually exclusive! (782 Kb)

    >Fact Sheet 9 - Biodiversity and Wool Production - Answers to the 10 Big Issues (3 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 10 - How to Lift Wool Profits and Improve Biodiversity! (3 Mb)

    >Fact Sheet 11 - A Quick Guide to the Case Study and Testimonial Farms (590 Kb)

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