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    Eastlake Field Day Inspires Birdwatching Group

    Speckled Warbler Ian Colley planetbirds.blogspot.320

    Following our last Landcare field day at “Eastlake” an attendee, Colin Ritchie who had travelled from Inverell, was so impressed that he has formed a new birdwatching group in the area. While he lives in Inverell, he plans to organise birdwatching visits to various areas in the New England and NorthWest area and connect with the other birdwatching groups in the area.

    If you are interested, want to hear about bird related activities in the area or just want to find out more, you can contact Colin at crit6588@bigpond.net.au or on phone 0402 325728.

    On Facebook and interested in birds in our area?

    A new Facebook group called “New England and NorthWest NSW Birds and Birding 2019” has been set up by Colin Ritchie with the aim of generating more interest in birds and birdwatching in our area.

    If you would like a forum to post photos of birds you see in the area, comment and identify the birds in the photos of others, hear about birdwatching and birdy things happening in the area or just connect with people who share a similar interest, check out this group. You can search for it by typing the group name into Facebook search.

    Photo:Speckled Warbler by Ian Colley planetbirds.blogspot.

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