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    Strategies for coping with the adversity of drought - an invitation

    Dry Dam 320The recent dry times have been a challenge far and wide for our region with a lot of media coverage of the struggles that people are having as a result. While these climate challenges are common for Australians on the land, there’s a fair chance with climate change that conditions like we’ve been seeing are going to become more frequent and intense. So we have an invitation for landholders in our area...

    Clearly, these are challenging times for everyone, but it’s likely that there are some farmers out there who feel that given the circumstances, they’ve been able to manage with reduced financial and emotional stress by implementing decisions that prepared them for drought. Decisions that will also enable them to recover relatively quickly once conditions improve. Through Southern New England Landcare, and the broader Landcare network, we hope to provide a platform for these people to tell their story with the intention that sharing this information can support others to alter practices that improve land and people care.

    A recent case study written by David Marsh from Boorowa, NSW that was shared across the Landcare NSW network is a great format to follow. David explains (with empathy) the circumstances in the past that led them to make adaptations for challenging dry conditions and where they found support and useful information. Then coming into this dry time, the decisions they made to help cope with conditions to the present. To see David Marsh’s article, follow this link: http://landcarensw.org.au/lessons-learnt-on-how-to-plan-for-dry-times/

    With this in mind, Southern New England Landcare invites land managers in our own region who would like to share their experience leading up to and during this drought with others by writing a piece that we can make available through our networks. The piece is intended to be constructive and supportive and increase awareness of programs, support personnel, networks and techniques that are available to assist people through these tough times.  An Agribusiness operator in a recent article from “The Land” claimed you could cut and paste the articles from each drought and "no-one would notice”. Let’s make it different this time.

    If you would like to take us up on this invitation, please send your article to mail@snelandcare.org.au and we'll contact you!

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