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    Rehydrating Farms with the Mulloon Institute

    Mullon InstituteAbout the Institute

    The Mulloon Institute is a leading research, education and advocacy organisation committed to building resilient rural and regional communities by supporting the long-term, sustainable growth of Australian agriculture.

    The Mulloon Institute work brings about transformational change and actively contributes towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of clean water and sanitation, improved life below water and improved life on the land through landscape rehydration and restoration.


    Mulloon Rehydration Initiative

    The Mulloon Institute’s flagship project is rehabilitating and rehydrating the Mulloon catchment in southern New South Wales, turning a highly eroded creek into a healthy, vibrant ecosystem that captures flood sediments, recycles nutrients and provides valuable biodiverse habitat.

    The wider catchment is also seeing improvements in water quality, water yield, and enhanced biodiversity from tackling soil erosion, habitat fragmentation and weed proliferation.

    The MRI focuses on creek repair and erosion control using small interventions to slow and filter water flow, and begin rebuilding the soil.

    Interventions are made using natural materials such as rocks and logs and are complimented by regenerative land management practices.

    Helping farmers to ‘Catch water, Restore landMullon 2

    The Mulloon Institute is now expanding this landscape rehydration work across Australia to meet the urgent demand from farmers for catchment-scale landscape rehydration works and training in regenerative land and water management practices.

    It is also helping establish large-scale demonstration projects around Australia to help farmers learn more about landscape rehydration and regenerative agriculture practices.


    • Improved water quality and availability.

    • Better food and water security.

    • Enhanced resilience to droughts, fires and floods.

    • Increased environmental biodiversity.

    • Improved agricultural productivity and long-term profitability.

    • Healthier, nutrient dense food leading to healthier human beings.

    • More viable rural and regional communities.

    • Reduced climate change impacts on society and the planet.



    The Mulloon Institute runs bootcamps that empower individuals and communities to implement their own landscape rehydration projects.

    The three-day bootcamp deepens participants’ understanding of their farm’s water cycle and builds their confidence and skills in reading and assessing water cycle health, prioritising issues and investigating a variety of strategies to rehydrate the landscape.

    By the end of the course they are able to use property maps of their farm to plan and design small-scale, low-risk nature-based interventions to rehydrate their land.

    The bootcamps combine theory with practice and focus on practising landscape rehydration skills in a dynamic, peer-led learning process.

    Course topics include:

    • understanding landscape rehydration as the process towards landscape restoration

    • fundamentals of water in landscapes and the role of plants

    • skills in assessing hydrological health and monitoring

    • knowledge and skills in hydrology calculations

    • landscape hydrology management relevant to your property

    • practical steps to undertaking a Landscape Rehydration project.


    For more information on upcoming workshops in our area please visit the SNEL events page or call 02 6772 9123.


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