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    United Nations Day Honour for Landcare Australia

    UN award320On Friday 21st October, the United Nations Association of Australia bestowed the 2021 United Nations Day Honour on Landcare Australia!  Sending a big congratulations from Southern New England Landcare.
    The UNAA NSW community celebrated United Nations Day 2022 by hosting their annual Gala Dinner at Parliament House, Sydney. Over 200 people attended the evening. UN Day Honour Presenters included Doug Humann, AM, Chair, Landcare Australia; and Michael Taylor, 2022 Australian Farmer of the Year.
    The 2022 United Nations Day Honour was awarded to the Science and Engineering Challenge. The nationwide Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) outreach program was started in 2000 by the University of Newcastle. More than 20 years on, it has grown to engage over 30,000 students annually in practical, hands-on applications of STEM through design-and-build ‘challenge’ activities.

    Post below from NSW UNAA Facebook page acknowledging 2021 marking the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

    As part of UNAA (NSW)’s UN Day celebrations, the prestigious UN Day Honour was created to recognise individuals or organisations in Australia that have made a significant contribution to the aims and objectives of the UN.

    2021 marked the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. It is a call to halt the degradation of ecosystems around the world and drive their protection and revival for the benefit of people and nature. The Decade will run to 2030, which is also the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the timeline identified by scientists for preventing catastrophic climate change.
    In recognition of this important decade and UNAA’s current focus on raising awareness about the SDGs, special consideration was given to nominees with a strong track record of achievement in the areas of ecosystem restoration and protection of biodiversity.

    From a select shortlist of nominees, Landcare Australia was endorsed by the UNAA NSW Executive Committee as the 2021 UN Honour recipient. This award is in recognition of Landcare Australia’s strong track record of supporting community-led, on-ground projects to restore, enhance and protect Australia’s unique natural environment. Their bold vision of ‘all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustains us’ empowers individuals across Australia to build more resilient ecosystems and communities.
    UNAA NSW considers that Landcare Australia’s efforts over 30 years in caring for country have made a significant and enduring contribution towards protecting ecosystems and regenerating nature in Australia, in line with SDGs. By conferring the 2021 UN Honour upon Landcare Australia, UNAA acknowledges the contribution the organisation has made towards realising the UN’s 2050 Vision of a world living in harmony with nature.
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    Southern New England Landcare is very proud of our member, Michael Taylor, Taylors Run Farm who spoke at the Gala Dinner, representing the outstanding achievements of #Landcare volunteers right across Australia. Well done Michael & Milly! 

    Images: supplied by Karen Zirkler
    UN awardMM320UN awardM320

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