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    Regent Honeyeaters Nesting!

    RHG Colin Ritchie Severn River Nov2020Here’s are delightful and encouraging report from Candice Larkin, updating us on the results of the Regent Honeyeater nest spotted near Severn River.

    “I have just finished my survey rounds for spring so can finally provide a full update. The first nest of the pair was destroyed, and it appeared they had not built a new nest when last surveyed in late September. The pair were flying across the river frequently to other large She-oak and Yellowbox so it appeared they had relocated away from incoming lorikeets and friarbirds.

    Upon returning in November, I noticed two individuals flying back across river to flowering Yellowbox, but both were unresponsive to call playback when used. The third individual (male that had Little Wattlebird call) was no longer detected on site. 

    I observed both adults catching insects and returning to the same point in a Yellowbox, approx 40m from first nest. Two fledgling birds were in the tree being provisioned by parents. The parents would subsequently fly back across the river and fledglings remained behind in Yellowbox. Both birds were actively feeding on blossom and catching insects. Birds remained at site for several more days, but I have not been able to locate them since the 25th of November. The fledglings were large and capable of sustained flight, so have likely moved on with parents. Due to the heat we are experiencing, many of the Yellowbox at Severn ceased flowering, however there are many beginning to flower towards Inverell and Bundarra and they may have dispersed there.

    It is great to have a successful record in our neck of the woods again."

    Image: Courtesy of Colin Ritchie.

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