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    Wongwibinda Landcare

    Wongwibinda Landcare
    Address: Wongwibinda New South Wales
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    "Welcome to Wongy Landcare"

    Our Landcare Group forms part of the head waters of both the Clarence and Macley rivers. Our primary interests are soil deterioration and the loss of biodiversity, trees and subsequently farm productivity.

    Our priorities include:

    • Weed Control (including Matt Rush)
    • Pastures
    • 'Cause and Effect'
    • Grazing Management, vegetation regeneration and feral animal control and
    • Education

    Environmental Issues

    We have some serious environmental issues that we are addressing, including:

    • Matt Rush control; through improved grazing management
    • Feral animal control
    • Biodiversity Loss
    • Farm productivity reduction
    • Erosion control


    We are addressing our environmental problems through several key projects:

    Revegetation of degraded areas

    Control of Mat Rush (Lomandra sp.)

    Soil field days

    Our really neat DUNG BEETLE project

    Our recent project summary:

    Year Project Title NHT Funding $ State Funding $ Group & Other $ Total $ No. Trees Area regen/remn. (ha) Degrad'n addressed (ha) River stab/prot (km) Fence built (km)
    96-97 Wongwibinda Native vegetation management project 19408 750 49804 69962 13690 92     16.75
    97-98 Wongwibinda Dung Beetle Establishment 6,800 990 6,670 14,460   Purchase dung beetle colonies  
    98-99 Wongwibinda New member native veg group 7,550   20,932 28,482 6,400       5.80
    98-99 Wongwibinda Erosion cont. for catchment stability 5,264   5,835 11,099     2.00    
      Totals 39022 1740 83241 124003 20090 92 2 0 22.55
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