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    Landcare Funding Assistance

    FRRR Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital Grants

    The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) has made $440,000 available for Strengthening Rural Community – Small & Vital grants to support the broad needs of small rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. The grants include $299,000 targeted to focus areas and geographic regions. Funds are aimed at helping in education, capacity-building, poverty and disadvantage, health, culture, the arts, tourism and heritage, healthy ageing and Indigenous wellbeing. Applications from not-for-profits in communities of fewer than 15,000 people have priority. Applications close Tuesday, 26 March 2019. More info: visit the Funding Centre

    Ideas? Action Planning Assistance Now Available for Groups

    diego ph 249471smallIf you and your neighbours are keen to do landcare-type projects in your area, why not have a group get-together around the barbecue, and ask one of our Local Landcare Coordinators to come out and assist with some group action planning? We can also assist you to develop project idea(s) and source funding or other resources. The group need not be a formal landcare group, it could be just a keen group of neighbours.

    Alternatively, if you are a member and would like to would like to 'shelve' your project idea(s) with us until a suitable opportunity arises, why not fill out a Southern New England Landcare Expression of Interest form? We can help members develop their project ideas, or include them in a regional-scale project idea, and submit to a suitable funding opportunity when the time comes. Anyone wishing to have an Expression of Interest held on file is required to be a member of Southern New England Landcare.

    If you are interested in pursuing this further contact us by phone on 6772 9123 or at mail@snelandcare.org.au.

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