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    Cat de-sexing subsidy to help responsible pet owners

    DogCatSouthern New England Landcare has partnered with Creeklands Vet Clinic in Armidale to provide an opportunity for cat owners in areas of high urban biodiversity to recieve a subsidised de-sexing rate for the month of September 2019. Find out how you might be able to participate! Download the flier.

    Sara Schmude, Landcare Coordinator working on the project said, "Pest animals are a significant problem in the Southern New England region - as Landcare Coordinators, we receive frequent reports of wild and domestic dog attacks on livestock and are also aware, through our biodiversity surveys, of the impacts cats, both domesticated and feral, have on our native wildlife."

    In an effort to reduce the ecological, economic and social impacts of pest species, Southern New England Landcare developed the Where was your 'Best Friend Forever' today? campaign.

    "The idea is to raise public awareness about the risks and threats of their pets leaving home without them," said Sara.

    "We want pet owners to know that if their dog or cat leaves home without them, they really are taking a big risk.

    "They could be injured in a fight, which can cause lifelong problems and expensive vet bills," she said.

    "We also want to raise awareness of the risks and threats of pest animals on our environment more broadly," said Sara.

    "Unrestrained dogs on farmland are at risk of being impounded or even shot to protect livestock, and cats on farms risk being treated like a feral animal and trapped or worse, to protect wildlife like the endangered Regent Honeyeater - another species on which we are very focussed at the moment,"she said.

    The best way to protect your 'best friend forever' is to be a responsible pet owner and keep them indoors or restrained.

    One of our readers recommends the Cat Bib, which is apparently 80% effective in preventing bird killing. They are available at the pet shop in Beardy Street Armidale.

    For more information, contact Sara Schmude at Southern New England Landcare in Armidale.

    This project is supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Landcare NSW through funding from the Established Pest Animals and Weeds Initiative, part of the Australian Government's Agricultural Competitiveness Whitepaper, the government's plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy. 

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