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    Road to Regen

    grant sims pic1Road to Regen is an event inviting you to take a closer look at regenerative farming by hearing from Joel Williams and Grant Sims in a workshop setting, and then having the opportunity to see it happening on ground at Jason Simmons property on Long Swamp Road South-East of Armidale.  

    Joel Williams from Integrated Soils is an internationally recognised presenter on soil and plant health and resilience. His approach is about facilitating the producers' understanding of the soil-plant dynamics on their farm and improving their own management decisions. He works with a range of production systems but primarily with conventional producers applying a nutritional and biological approach to manage plant and soil health toward reducing input costs. He is currently authoring a book on soil biology and the links between soil and plant health. 

    Grant Sims is from 'No-till Farming Victoria' and is the Weekly Times Farmer of the Year. Grant will share his experience on his 'Road to Regenerative Farming'. Find out more about Grant's approach at https://www.vicnotill.com.au/no-till-farming-systems/.

    Jason Simmons has a depth of practical knowledge that he has applied to his 480 acre property 'The Gums'.  Balancing the nutrition and ecology of his soils, coupled with pasture cropping and planned grazing have been key to his success in whole farm regeneration. To find out more, visit https://www.theoverseersaddlery.com.au/our-story.php

    For event details, visit https://snelandcare.org.au/event/road-to-regen

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