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    Soil Microbes & Healthy Farming | Dr Maarten Stapper

    maarten Stapper in fieldThe following is an excerpt from In Situ Science's Podcast. Thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview, Dr James O'Hanlon (postdoctoral researcher at UNE).

    How do you know if you have healthy soil? Look for worms! Dr Maarten Stapper joins Dr James on In Situ Science to chat about how caring for soils and healthy ecosystems can improve our farming practices. Listen to this podcast and other fascinating insights into the sciency world at https://insituscience.com/

    Dr Maarten Stapper now runs his own agricultural consultancy that helps farmers transition towards organic farming practices whilst maintaining their productivity. He believes very strongly in the role of organic farming, not only for improving our environment, but also human health. Martin also talks openly about the industries behind science and farming that may be actually hindering progress in agricultural research. Find out more on Maarten's company website BioLogic AgFood.


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