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    Armidale Urban Rivercare Group wins grant

    AURG1Armidale Urban Rivercare Group (AURG) are to be congratulated on their successful grant application to the NLP Small Community Grants recently. This Project will erect signage and host an open day at a rehabilitated section of Dumaresq Creek in Armidale to:

    1. inform local residents about frost tolerant native species that will thrive along our waterways in high altitude cold climates and

    2. highlight the problems of introducing invasive exotic plants into the native environment

    3. acknowledge contributors to the project.

    The area chosen was highly degraded by exotic weeds, but when cleared as part of a 3 year Environmental Trust Grant, presented a range of different soil types and landforms including swampy areas, gullies, ridges and rocky areas which have allowed us to match new native plantings to appropriate landforms and environments. The work on this site as part of the Environmental Trust Grant will be completed in November 2017 (year 2 of a 3 year project).

    While the Environmental Trust Grant has funded the rehabilitation, there is no funding available from them to highlight the achievements of our group and to educate the broader community. Two Armidale Lions Clubs have committed funding to create a viewing and picnic area and paths through the rehabilitated area. Also a previous member of AURG has donated a hardwood picnic table and stools.

    This NLP Small Community Grant will allow us to complement the Environmental Trust rehabilitation project and the work by the 2 Lions clubs, by installing signage to identify the native frost tolerant species planted, to tell a story about invasive exotic vegetation and to ackowledge contributors to the project.

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