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    Harnham Landcare's Healthy Soils Workshops

    Harnham Landcare Group will soon lift the lid on healthy soils, having been successful in attracting an NLP Small Community Grant to train landholders in the Kentucky - Walcha districts in the early part of 2018. Derek Smith from Working With Nature will train participants in innovative soil management techniques through a multi-day intensive soil management course. Derek is one of only four Kinsey-Albrecht Soil Practitioners in Australia.

    An initial two-days will focus on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil and how to manage these to achieve high productivity AND improved ecological function. The course will start with the theory of how and why soils behave in certain ways in response to inputs, stock management and farming practises, and will help participants understand the options to improve farm outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

    Participants will then be required to collect their own soil samples. After all samples are analysed using the Albrecht analysis system, a third day will be run where participants study their results in a practical group session. They will be shown exactly how recommendations are calculated for their own soil, and which management strategies will produce the desired result. During this final session, participants will also be shown the methodology of spreading and mixing fertilisers, and the time frames for re-testing soil for further work.

    At the conclusion of the program, the project will engage animal nutrition guest speaker and Kinsey-Albrecht Soil Practitioner from Victoria, Peter Norwood, and open this event up to the participants and the general public. Peter will demonstrate how a balanced healthy soil equates to higher quality pastures and crops with better production outcomes during his full day presentation.

    Harnham Landcare group, with support from Southern New England Landcare, will host the sessions, arrange venues, coordinate catering, eveluate and photograph the events. 

    More information will be available in January, so watch our website and the eNewsletter for updates. To register your early interest, please call us on 0267729123.

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