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    Wether Trial Expression of Interest

    wether trialWould you like participate in a unique benchmarking activity designed to assess and elevate your flock's performance against regional and industry standards?

    The Northern Tablelands wether trial is a long-standing tradition in the sheep farming community in the New England region of New South Wales and it is looking for new participants!

    This trial has been conducted for over 40 years, with its roots dating back to the 1950s.

    At the core of the Northern Tablelands Wether Trial is a robust benchmarking initiative aimed at setting new standards in wool growing excellence.

    This trial isn't just about participation; it's about measuring, improving, and leading the way in the sheep industry.


    The trial involved a maximum of 30 teams, with each team comprising of 10 head of 2023 Spring-born wethers, randomly selected from the producer's entire wether cohort. These teams will run together as one flock for two years. The wethers will be shorn on induction and annually for the trial's duration. Rigorous testing for wool quality, body weight, and growth rates will be conducted over the two-year period.

    Post-trial processing

    At the completion of the trial, the wethers will be processed, and comprehensive carcass data will be collected. Importantly, the proceeds from the sale of the wethers will go directly back to the producers, reinforcing our commitment to supporting your endeavours. Additionally, the proceeds from the sale of wool will be retained for covering trial running costs.

    Strategic Networking: Connect with like-minded sheep producers, industry experts, and researchers. Collaborate on strategies to excel in benchmarking metrics.

    Data-Driven Insights: Leverage comprehensive data collection and analysis to gain precise insights into your flock's wool performance and identify areas for improvement.

    Expressions of interest: Forward-thinking wool growers are invited to express their interest in the 2025 Northern Tablelands Wether Trial - a benchmarking activity that promises to elevate production in the sheep industry.

    How to Express Interest:

    Send an email to Max Newsome Share a brief overview of your sheep farming operation and your motivation for benchmarking.

    Express your interest by Monday February 12th and join us in redefining excellence in wool production!

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