eNews # 6 - 22 August 2019

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Hello Visitor,

Southern New England Landcare invites members and friends to join Southern Blue Regenerative for this great hands-on field day next week! Please feel free to share with your networks.

Composts, Preps & Soil Biology Field Day

Compost Field Day ImageCome along to share and learn about composting:

  • Learn from those doing different compost production methods including Johnson-Su Bioreactors.
  • Bring along samples of your compost to look at under connected microscope and find out what's in your compost.
  • See the set-up of a Johnson-Su Bioreactor and spray units for spreading onto pastures.

Southern Blue Regenerative and Southern New England Landcare are hosting a one day field day for farmers and graziers to share learning and experience on composting. This continues Southern Blue Regenerative's series on regenerative agriculture practices and tools.

Tickets $40 (including morning tea and lunch) can be booked at https://www.southernblue.com.au/tours_workshops/composting-field-day/


  • 10:00am kick off (kettle will be on from 9:30 am)
  • Glen Chapman (Regenerative Farming Educator) - welcome and background on composting and where it can fit into grazing and cropping systems. Details from a couple of local farms that could not get to the workshop.
  • Lee Fieldhouse - Island Biologicals - will give discuss his composting setup using worms. Lee will have a digitally connected microscope so we can view a few samples of compost from those attending. We also might have time later in the day if there are extras we can't get to.
  • Lunch break and view set up of a bioreactor in progress and discuss the set up.  We hope to have examples of spray units in use for people to look at including nozzle options.
  • James Turnell - UNE School of Environmental and Rural Science - will discuss his work in setting up the Armidale City to Soil composting program as well as his research using worms to compost chicken litter.  He will also provide some early details of the Future Food Systems CRC and the setup of Armidale as a Future Food Hubs (https://www.futurefoodsystems.com.au/fresh-food-precincts/)
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