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The devastating storm that hit the Walcha area on the 20th December

How Walcha is recovering from the worst storm in living memory

Walcha storm: Farmers seek help from government

Walcha a natural disaster zone – will receive government funding


Eastlake Field Day Inspires - New Birdwatching Group Formed

Speckled Warbler Ian Colley planetbirds.blogspot.320Following our last Landcare field day at “Eastlake” an attendee, Colin Ritchie who had travelled from Inverell, was so impressed that he has formed a new birdwatching group in the area. While he lives in Inverell, he plans to organise birdwatching visits to various areas in the New England and NorthWest area and connect with the other birdwatching groups in the area.

If you are interested, want to hear about bird related activities in the area or just want to find out more, you can contact Colin as follows:
Email: crit6588@bigpond.net.au
Phone: 0402325728

 On Facebook and interested in birds in our area?

A new Facebook group called “New England and NorthWest NSW Birds and Birding 2019” has been set up by Colin Ritchie with the aim of generating more interest in birds and birdwatching in our area.
If you would like a forum to post photos of birds you see in the area, comment and identify the birds in the photos of others, hear about birdwatching and birdy things happening in the area or just connect with people who share a similar interest, check out this group. You can search for it by typing the group name into Facebook search. Photo:Speckled Warbler by Ian Colley planetbirds.blogspot.

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Steaming Ahead to a Chemical-Free Future

steam weederArmidale Urban Rivercare Group (AURG) have received $25,000 in funding through the NSW State Government's Community Building Partnerships Program.

The funds will go towards the purchase of a steam weeding machine to be used for planting preparations and maintenance in the Armidale creeklands and bushlands.

"Currently, Landcare, Rivercare, and Bushcare groups and the Armidale Tree Group (ATG) around Armidale use chemicals to eliminate invasive weeds, annual weeds and environmental weeds from areas they wish to restore or rehabilitate," said Bruce Whan, a spokesperson for AURG and the successful grant writer.

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Unstress & Simply Be Well a seminar & workshop presented by Dr Ron Ehrlich

Ron Ehrlich Headshot 320pDr Ron Ehrlich, an Holistic Dentist from Sydney and founder of Nourishing Australia, is visiting our region to give a free public seminar “Evolution Bites Back” on Thursday February 21st.

The seminar will explore key drivers of human success in evolution, how these drivers are coming back to bite us in our busy modern lives and constructive ways to manage the resulting challenges.

This will be SNEL's February Member Muster and will focus on that important aspect of Landcare – people care.

Dr Ehrlich will also be running a workshop “Unstress & Simply be Well” on Saturday 23rd February to be held at the Uralla Community Centre, 9 Hill St, Uralla. An attendance fee ($40 members, $50 non-members) will cover catering for the day and valuable and inspiring information exploring what Dr Ehrlich refers to as the “five pillars of health”. Read more...

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Grants & Opportunities

Private Native Forestry Review Submissions Close 31 January 2018

arnaud mesureur 88560 unsplash 320pPrivate Native Forestry is the sustainable management of native forests on private property for timber production. It is a key resource for the NSW Forest Industry and an important land management option for many landholders.

Local Land Services is leading the review of Private Native Forestry in collaboration with the Environment Protection Authority and Department of Primary Industries. Full details and how to lodge your submission are on the North West Local Land Services website.


Tackling Tough Times Together Grants Close 5 Feb 2019

rawpixel com 570908 unsplashThe Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the drought.

This program is designed to provide flexible funding to support community-based activities that both help to relieve current stressors and symptoms, and most importantly, build capacity and resilience for the future. Funds could also support activities that engage your local community in being proactive, exploring options and creating something that will stand the test of tough times. See the case studiesbelow for examples of the types of projects we have funded in the past, which may provide some ideas.

Thanks to the generous support of donor partners, grants of up to $20,000 are now available across drought-affected communities nationally. A smaller number of grants valued at up to $60,000 and $150,000 are also available for larger-scale and multi-year projects that have a broader impact. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and assessed quarterly.

More information on these grants can be found here.

If you want help from Southern New England Landcare to apply, please download our Grant Writing Guidelines here, and our suggested Program Logic Templated here.


New Group Project Application Process

If there are no current funding opportunities for you as an individual and you know of some other people who are keen to do a project in your area, why not get together and have us come out to assist with a group application? We can assist you and your group to develop your individual project idea(s) and then source funding for your project/s as a group The group need not be a formal landcare group, it could be a group of neighbours or a group of people in your district who are keen to do a project. If you are interested in pursuing this further contact us by phone: 02 6772 9123 or Email: mail@snelandcare.org.au

Alternatively, if you would like to would like to 'table' your project idea(s) with us and have us keep them on file until a suitable opportunity arises, why not fill out a Southern New England Landcare Expression of Interest form? We can help members develop their project ideas, or include them in a regional-scale project idea, and submit to a suitable funding opportunity when the time comes. Anyone wishing to have an Expression of Interest held on file is required to be a member of Southern New England Landcare.

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Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund Grants Close 27 February 2019

The Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund (AFTF) provides grants and loans for the enhancement, maintenance and protection of Aboriginal cultural fishing as well as for Aboriginal communities to develop businesses associated with fisheries resources throughout NSW. Read more...

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Funding Available for Natural Resource Projects On-Farm

Tree planting Deenyi K Hardy 002 320pLandholders looking at ways to improve the management of natural resources on their farm are encouraged to contact Northern Tablelands Local Land Services who have funding available for on-farm projects.

Local Land Services is working to boost environmental outcomes on farm by connecting native vegetation patches and improving the health of our waterways and adjacent land, as well as improving conditions for threatened species and threatened ecological communities.

An Expression of Interest process is now open for projects that achieve improved natural resource management on farms.

The Northern Tablelands Local Land Services team can help identify opportunities and work through project ideas with landholders. Projects are to be delivered by December 2019.

Examples of eligible projects include protecting and improving waterways; providing alternate water points where stock are excluded from water sources; planting shelter belts or wind breaks with native trees and shrubs; improving habitat for threatened species like woodland birds and koalas and protecting and managing existing native vegetation.

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